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Yoga at the Art Center - Beginners' Workshop

New to yoga, feel lost in class, want to brush up on your skills?

Join Little Rabbit Apothecary for a FREE Beginners Workshop . This multi-teacher workshop will be held at the Hutchinson Art Center on Wednesday, May 23rd from 7:00-8:00PM! We will flow through the most common yoga poses, their proper alignments, what muscles are being targeted, modifications, and give adjustments where needed. Yoga means union in sanskrit, with this in mind, Little Rabbit Apothecary is teaming up with the Southern Kansas Chapter of #HappyPeriod to give back to the women in the community who are in need. All we ask is that you bring an item from the list as a donation to give back: Tampons, Pads, Liners, Hand Sanitizer, Underwear, etc.

The collected items will be distributed into kits to give to those who are in need of proper menstrual care that would otherwise go without. For more information on the #HappyPeriod Movement, please visit their Facebook page We are #HappyPeriod Southern Kansas or contact Little Rabbit Apothecary,

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