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Public Space Action: Popsicles & Paletas with Artist Robert Bubp

As a declaration of the intention to use public space for celebration, expression, and commerce, “Public Space Action: Popsicles & Paletas” will be a celebration of the 4th of July and diversity, community, and political freedom in the U.S.A. The artist will set up tables in a public space on W. 2nd Ave. from 4 to 5 pm, with American popsicles and Mexican paletas free to visitors. Visitors to the table will also be invited to take an “Accept/Reject” T-shirt, designed & made by the artist, for wear to the subsequent reception, and leave it in the Art Center until the end of the reception as a remnant of the artwork/performance. At the close of the exhibition participants may claim and keep the T-shirts, if desired.