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Robert Bubp and Jennifer Ray: Opening Reception

“Outlands and Negotiations”

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July 5
5:00 - 7:00 P.M.

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“Outlands & Negotiations” is an exhibition of recent bodies of work by Wichita, Kansas artists Jennifer Ray and Robert Bubp. Ray’s photographs and materials from her “In Range” project is a photographic documentation of objects she has found at open shooting ranges in the U.S., where the shooters’ choices of targets often reveal a pleasure in destruction that is simultaneously understandable and disturbing. Bubp’s multi-media works from the “Las Calles Públicas” project investigate public areas in different cities via documentation of his own movements in relation to others’ actions in these spaces; in seeking human exchanges, his process interrogates his own privilege as a tourist and reveals tensions reflecting systems of spatial power that need constant exposure.

            Ray’s and Bubp’s works in “Outlands & Negotiations” share interpretations of the use of public space and who it is “for.” In Ray’s case, this question concerns rural, “natural” places that are perceived to not belong to anyone, but which have been claimed and used by a specific group of people for a specific purpose. Bubp’s work investigates openly shared urban spaces that are heavily monitored and policed. The conversation these works offer in relation to each other refers to the nature of non-obviously “owned” interstitial, physical spaces, who gets to claim them, and how their uses can create a kind of friction against our expectations of what our own experiences in them should be.